Get a vehicle quote now for the actual cash price of your old vehicles.

Our Process

Selling your junk car is really simple and easy! You can start the process online today and get the cash right away. Our process is really easy to do and to follow. Below is the outline of how we operate at our company.

If you have any questions about how our process works, check out our FAQ page or contact us and speak with a friendly customer service representative.

  1. Fill out the simple online Vehicle Quote form.
    Fill out the form with your vehicle information and the condition of your car. We'll take into account the information you provide us with and give you the most accurate quote for the best price possible. After we've processed your information, we will send an email to the address you've provided with the details of the quote and the price we can offer. If you want to go forward with the sale, the email has a space to indicate your preferred payment method and an accept button. Choose your payment method (cash, check, or PayPal). Click accept.
  2. Arrange a Pick Up Time
    After you've accepted the quote offer in your confirmation email, we will contact a local towing agency in your area. We will give the towing agent your phone number from your submitted online form. They will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your confirmation. You and the agent can make arrangements for the most convenient time for a vehicle pick up.
  3. We Pick Up the Vehicle
    The towing agency will send someone at the time you've arranged to tow your vehicle. Towing is FREE, we pay for all costs related to towing your junk car. Whether your car is running, or completely broken down, we will still pay to have it picked up by the agency.
  4. Get Paid
    If you chose to receive a cash payment, the towing agent will pay at the time of the pick up. After you have provided the agreed upon documentation for the vehicle, the agent will give you your cash. Easy as that! If you chose to receive a check payment, you will receive it in the mail within one week of your vehicle pick up. If you chose PayPal payment, you will receive a deposit in your account within one week of your vehicle pick up. If you are interested in an another alternative method of payment, please contact us to speak with one of our customer service representatives to arrange something.